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Nestled in Marloth Park, Mpumalanga on the banks of the Crocodile river, Kruger National park.
Slide Health Spa is the ideal setting for those wanting to relax and unwind.

Slide is a sanctuary of tranquillity and serenity with the spa focusing on wellness and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The treatments coupled with the tranquil environment complement each other towards the achievement of whole body wellness. We take pride in our tailor-made treatments and we offer our clients a truly exclusive and rejuvenating experience.

Modern day living places more and more demands on our bodies and minds, yet we increasingly neglect them. We need to step back and assess what are the real essentials needed for a healthy and long life. Slide Health Spa aims to get you back on course naturally and aims to deal with two aspects of our being, the body and mind. These when assessed, nurtured and healed comprise the simple first steps to greater well-being.
home what we do treatment menu slide ettiquette contact us