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  Face treatments
Esse Organic Facials
A natural organic facial designed for your skin type. It includes cleansing, steam, exfoliation, light extractions, and mask to improve the overall health of your skin.
All facials also include three types of massages.

All facial services at Slide Spa are provided by qualified and highly experienced therapists using ESSE organic skin care. Enjoy your treatment today and experience
how our natural ingredients will refresh and revitalize your skin.

Hydrating Facial
A treatment formulated for dry skin in need of extra hydration.
Gentle Facial
Specifically designed to soothe and calm sensitive skin.
Correcting Facial
A facial specially created to even out the harsh signs of pigmentation.
Balancing Facial
Designed for combination skin, keeping it well balanced.
Detox Cleanse
A deep cleansing facial that is purifying and stabilising.
Anti Ageing Facial
Concentrated treatment for mature, moisture deprived skin.
Mini Facial
For clients who are in need of time, this facial includes everything except the massages.
Back Cleanse
A facial designed for the back, all treatment procedures included as well as a massage.
Facial Grooming
• Brows
• Lip
• Chin
• Nose
Facial Tinting
• Brows
• Lashes
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